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“Me wishee see you,” said the apparition, smiling blandly;

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"Oho, Mr. Boulouk Bashi!" cried the merchant, laughing, and raising his finger threateningly. "Now the secret is out; you are in, love! This carpet is not for yourself, but for some beautiful woman. Ah, yes, I have heard something about this affair before, and now I know it is true."

“Me wishee see you,” said the apparition, smiling blandly;

"What have you heard, sir? What is it that is said of me?" asked Mohammed, gravely, his countenance suddenly darkening.

“Me wishee see you,” said the apparition, smiling blandly;

"Well, people ask why it is that Osman, the tschorbadji's son, is so very affectionate to you, and why the governor himself has always so distinguished you, and now made you boulouk bashi?"

“Me wishee see you,” said the apparition, smiling blandly;

"I had supposed it was because I deserved it," said Mohammed, hastily, "and I thought Osman showed his affection because he loved the friend who had grown up with him."

"He assuredly does love you, and the tschorbadji also rewards you on account of your merit, or he would not have done so at all, and would not have chosen you for what he desires of you."

"And what does he desire of me? For what has he chosen me?"

"It is said he wishes you to become the husband of the beautiful Marina, his niece."

"I do not even know this lady," said Mohammed, shrugging his shoulders.


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