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in hiding, waiting his opportunity, had in some way gained

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"Forgive him," whispered he, softly. "He is wild with anger and pain."

in hiding, waiting his opportunity, had in some way gained

"O Osman, is all known to you?" asked she, in trembling tones.

in hiding, waiting his opportunity, had in some way gained

Osman bowed his head. Tears stood in his eyes. "Be quiet--we are watched. In the evening I will send you word."

in hiding, waiting his opportunity, had in some way gained

"Open now the gates, and let the prisoners out," said the tschorbadji to Mohammed. "The law has been vindicated."

"It shall be as you command," said Mohammed, with the calmness sometimes born of despair. He drew forth the key, and placed it in the lock. Masa sprang forward. The gate opened, and now she stood beside her father. She threw her arms about him, and kissed his lips. Then she bowed her head upon his breast, and wept bitterly. The old man held her close to his heart, and then, lifting her up, bore her, trembling with emotion, from out the cage, in which he had endured such torture for four-and-twenty hours.

The ulemas followed him. Joyfully the men greeted the released prisoners, and prayed that they might escort them home in triumph.

"I see no cause for triumph," said the sheik, calmly. "You have done what I cannot approve. It were better, I think, to have laid my gray head upon the block, rather than you should place upon it your hard- earned gold, becoming hereby the slaves of him who gave it to you, and has thus lowered you by his gift.''

"No, sheik," said Cousrouf Pacha, advancing proudly. "He who gave this gold gave it not with such intent. He gave it not to humiliate these men. I gave it for your sake, and for your daughter's sake," continued he, in loud tones, and for an instant his eyes gleamed passionately on Masa.


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