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from the conflict, badly frightened, and had run a great

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But Mohammed promptly rejected it. That would not be nice enough for a present. He wanted better, finer material, and in lighter colors.

from the conflict, badly frightened, and had run a great

The merchant expressed no astonishment, but silently brought out finer goods. Mohammed selected the very handsomest cloak for the old friend of his deceased mother. Finally, he timidly asked for finger- rings and bracelets.

from the conflict, badly frightened, and had run a great

"Also for the old friend of your good mother Khadra?" inquired the merchant, with an air of mock gravity.

from the conflict, badly frightened, and had run a great

Mohammed did not reply; he had probably not heard him. He quietly selected, from the box handed him, a beautiful ring set with a precious stone, then four beautiful cups and saucers of the finest Chinese porcelain, and a variety of other articles necessary for housekeeping. He concluded by demanding a pair of pillows and coverlids.

Mr. Lion asks no more questions; he now knows that Mohammed intends to marry, and is furnishing his house. He is satisfied, and lets his young friend have all he has selected at half the price he would have charged other purchasers.

Mohammed joyfully paid the price, and gazed at the beautiful articles he had purchased, with sparkling eyes.

"If you wish it, Mohammed," said the merchant, "I will send a servant with you."

"Thank you; I am going to my house, and he can accompany me with the things."


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